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     Highly customizable hydraulic pump for medium pressure (280 bar) applications. Low noise, and wide variety of controls types. Electronic controls and displacement feedbacks available. Lifco stocks the SAE units and the common service parts. Search Lifco Hydraulics P1-PD stock below:

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P1028PS02SRM5BC00E0000000 3 In Stock$1106.00
P1028PS01SRM5BAM0T02B000005E-01712-53 In Stock$1488.20
P1028PS08SRM5BL00R1200000 2 In Stock$1201.20
P1028PS08SLM5AAM0T02B0000P1028 PUMPOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
P1028PS01SLM5AAM0T02B0000 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
S2E-19364-0COUPLING SAE A 9T P*028 & PINOut Of Stock$432.60
PD028PS02SRS5BC00T02A0000 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
P1028PM04SRM5BC00R120PB00 Out Of Stock$1264.90
PD028PS02SRS5BAM0T02H000 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
PD028PS01SRS5AAF0R000000002E-89891-5Out Of Stock$1808.10
P1028PS01SRM5AL00T00A0000 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


P1/PD 028
Displacement: (CC/REV) 28
Outlet Pressure - Continuous:280 bar (4000 PSI)
Outlet Pressure - Intermittent: 320 bar (4500 PSI)
Outlet Pressure - Peak: 350 bar (5000 PSI)
P1 Max Speed: (1.3 bar abs inlet) - RPM 3400
P1 (1.0 bar abs inlet) - RPM 3200
P1 (0.8 bar abs inlet) - RPM: 2900
PD Max Speed (1.0 bar abs inlet) - RPM 1800
PD (0.8 bar abs inlet) - RPM 1800
Minimum Speed - RPM: 600
Inlet Pressure - Max: 10 bar (145 PSI)
Fluid Temperature Range: -40 to +95°C, -40 to +203°F
Fluid Viscosity – Rated, cSt: 6 to 160
Max. Intermittent - cSt (for Cold Starting): 5000
Min. Intermittent - cSt: 5
Fluid Contamination - Rated, ISO: 20/18/14
Fluid Contamination - Maximum, ISO: 21/19/16
Weight: Non Thru-Drive 18.1 kg (40 lb)
Weight: Thru-Drive -
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Application: PD45 Axial Piston Pump

     A 'very quiet' pressure compensated pump was required for use on a piece of laboratory equipment. The target sound level was below 83 dB(A) and the flow had to be 20 GPM at 4,000 PSI. This is 50 horsepower! Parker’s PD45 (2.7 cubic inch / revolution) axial piston pump held the solution. Not only does it have a cast iron housing; but, it incorporates their “Ripple Chamber” technology engineered into the side ported pump. The ripple chamber reduces pressure pulsations (called ripple) at the outlet of the pump by 40-60%. This leads to a significant reduction in overall system noise, without the added expense of noise dampening components. The pump was powered by a 1,800 RPM electric motor. At this speed the pump produces a sound level of 76 dB(A). Through the use of this pump and correct power unit construction, the customer’s expectations were met.