VV01 Vent Valves

     Denison VV01 Vent Valves are designed to unload pilot operated pressure control and seat valves. VV01 valves can be sandwiched between the power component or main body, and feature a leak proof construction up to 140/210 bars. Search Lifco Hydraulics VV01 stock below:

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VV01311G0QF1026-54507-H VENT PLATE7 In Stock$477.10
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VV01311W01F1026-34414-P VENT VALVE6 In Stock$477.10
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VV01311W01F1004026-35978-P VENT PLATE1 In StockPlease Contact Us
VV01321G0QF1026-54517-H VENT PLATE1 In Stock$475.80
VV01311G0QF1004A026-54509-H VENT PLATE1 In Stock$598.65
VV01321G0RF1 On Order Delivery Date 12/21/2017$436.15
VV01322GE1026-54520-0 VENT PLATE Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01321W01D1026-34421-P VENT PLATEOut Of Stock$298.68
VV01311W07E1026-34414-U VENT VALVEOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01311G0QE1004B026-54510-H VENT PLATE Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01311G0QE4026-54511-H VENT PLATE Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01311G0QE5026-54513-H VENT PLATE Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01311W01D1026-34414-0 VENT VALVEOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
S16-91852-0SEAL KIT R5*10 VV01 ACOut Of Stock$53.69
VV01311W01E1004B026-55782-P VENT PLATE Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
VV01311G0QE1004026-54508-H VENT PLATEOut Of StockPlease Contact Us
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VV01 3/2 Vent Valve
Viscosity Range: 10 - 650 cSt
Recommended Operating Viscosity: 30 cSt
Nominal Flow: 3.8 l/min
Operating Pressure Range: (port X) Up to 350 bar
Operating Pressure Range: (Port Y) Up to 140 bar (AC), 210 bar (DC)
Fluid Temperature Range: -18 to +80 C
Ambient Temperature Range: -20 to +50 C
Weight: 1.7 Kg
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VV01311G0QF1 026-54507-H VENT PLATE

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3-D Drawings:

VV01 Valve 3D Drawing
Denison VV01 G0Q Valve
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Application: Denison VV01 Vent Valves

     Being able to enable or disable (vent) a hydraulic pressure control valve electrically is very useful. In the case of a pressure relief valve, venting the pilot section will unload the pump output, allowing it to flow freely back to the reservoir at the valve’s lowest setting. This can be used to free up drive horsepower for use by other hydraulic pumps, to allow an electric motor to idle when an accumulator is fully charged or at any other time the hydraulic pump’s output is not required to do work. By venting the pilot section of a pressure reducing valve, you can cause it to go to its minimum pressure setting. This can be useful if the pressure in an actuator (like the main ram of a press) needs to be cycled between maximum force and low force during its operation. A sequence valve can also have its pilot section vented; this will cause the main valve section to open fully, allowing flow to its output port. The sequence function is then negated and down stream actuators can be allowed to operate at any time the main valve is vented. A seat valve is a two way, two position valve that is either completely open in both directions or totally closed in both directions, depending on whether its pilot section is vented or not. This valve can be used to block the oil flow to an actuator from a pressure source or from the actuator to the tank. Parker has designed all of these valves with removable pilot sections; in this way a solenoid operated vent valve (Parker’s VV01) can be sandwiched between this pilot section and the main valve body. The VV01 is used to electrically vent Parker’s R4, R5, D4 or D5 valve pilots. To install a VV01 valve sandwich requires no additional piping and the main valve can be vented in the VV01’s energized or the de-energized condition.