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Hydraulic Filter Elements

     Internormen's hydraulic filtration genuine products feature high-quality filter elements with a high dirt-holding capacity. Search Lifco Hydraulics Hydraulic Filter Elements stock below:


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31117801.AS 631.80G.B.O2 In Stock$361.90
30006401.E 30.10VG.30.E.P2 In Stock$50.00
30007401.E 60.10VG.HR.E.P2 In Stock$120.40
30010601.E 90.10VG.HR.E.P2 In Stock$120.40
30012301.E 120.10VG.16.S.P2 In Stock$73.50
30014701.E 170.10VG.30.E.P2 In Stock$144.20
30015001.E 170.25VG.30.E.P2 In Stock$144.20
30015601.E 175.10VG.16.E.P2 In Stock$87.50
30068901.E 320.16VG.16.S.P2 In Stock$126.70
30179701.E 330.10VG.16.E.P2 In Stock$113.40
30024701.E 425.10VG.16.S.P2 In Stock$135.10
30209301.E 450.3VG.HR.E.P2 In Stock$467.60
30026601.E 600.10VG.HR.E.P2 In Stock$415.10
311275 01.E 631.10VG.16.S.P2 In Stock$202.30
30030001.E 950.10VG.10.S.P2 In Stock$263.20
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311178 01.AS 631.80G.B.O

Stock:2 In Stock
Filter Efficiency74 µ
Nominal/Absolute Micron Rating74(Nominal)
O-RingNo O-Ring
Filter MediaStainless Steel Wire Mesh

Microglass (VG)

  • Absolute Filtration
  • Has a large particle holding capacity
  • Deep filtration
  • Micron raing is Optimal for high p
  • Can be used for emulsions, lubrication oils, most synthetic hydraulic fluids, and mineral oils
  • Finess grades(1 VG, 3 VG, 6 VG, 10 VG, 16 VG and 25 VG)

Paper (P)

  • Nominal Filtration
  • Contains polyester fiber and paper
  • Deep Filtration
  • Excellent material strength

Stainless steel wire mesh (G)

  • Nominal Filtration
  • high resistance elements
  • Surface Filtration


  • Standards(Verification/Evaluations):
  • ISO 16889 Filtration performance
  • ISO 2942 Fabrication integrity
  • ISO 3723 End load test
  • ISO 3724 Resistance to flow fatigue using particulate contaminant
  • ISO 3968 Pressure drop versus flow characteristics
  • ISO 2941 Collapse/burst pressure rating
  • ISO 2943 Material compatibility with fluids

Application: Hydraulic Filter Elements

     Filter elements are available with different micron ratings and filter materials to protect critical system components. Internormen's filter element line optomize operation when filtering water-based fluids, cooling lubricants or abrasive fluids.