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M5BS Vane Motors

     Parker's M5BS Vane Motors are quiet, reliable, high performance motors designed for severe duty applications. Six displacements are available ranging from 0.73 to 2.75 cubic inches per revolution. Search Lifco Hydraulics M5BS stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
M5BS 045 3N02 B102 1 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-69631-5M5BS 036 2N02 A505Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-69631-0M5BS 036 3N02 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-69785-0/02M5BS 028 1N02 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


M5BS-012 M5BS-018 M5BS-023 M5BS-028 M5BS-036 M5BS-045
Theoretical displacement: (in/rev) 0.73 1.10 1.40 1.71 2.20 2.75
Theoretical torque: (in-lbf/PSI) 0,116 0,175 0,223 0,272 0,350 0,437
Theoretical power: (HP/100 PSI) 0.0184 0.0278 0.0354 0.0432 0.0536 0.0694
Typical data: 2000 RPM (4650 PSI) 447.8 (in/lbf) / 14.2 (HP) 718.6 (in/lbf) / 22.8 (HP) 943.4 (in/lbf) / 29.9 (HP) 1169.0 (in/lbf) / 37.1 (HP) 1529.2 (in/lbf) / 48.5 (HP) 1681.4 (in/lbf) / 53.4 (HP)
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M5BS 045 3N02 B102  

Price(USD):Please Contact Us
Stock:1 In Stock

Common Units:

  • M5BS 036 2N02 A505 (024-69631-5)
  • M5BS 036 3N02 A102 (024-69631-0)
  • M5BS 028 1N02 A102 (024-69785-0/02)

3-D Drawings:

M5BS Motor 3D Drawing
M5BS Shaft Code 2
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Application: M5BS Vane Motor

     A small hydraulic motor is required to power a roller type conveyor. This seems easy until you find out that the load is large and must be accelerated and decelerated smoothly, to oscillate work pieces back and forth inside a heat treating oven! Also, due to the proximity of the gas flames, HF4 fluid (water glycol) is used throughout the facility for safety reasons. Parker’s M5BS-045 (2.75 cubic inch per revolution) hydraulic vane motor thrives on this fluid, is smaller than a 7 inch cube and produces 109 foot pounds torque at 3,000 PSI. That’s 40 horsepower at 2,000 RPM! This motor’s low torque ripple and a high starting torque, starts the load smoothly and moves it in the oven with no jerkiness, achieving the desired effect. Its SAE “B” standard 2-bolt mounting flange and 13 tooth splined shaft, fits directly into a 20:1 ratio planetary gear box to produce the low speed and high torque required.