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M4D Vane Motors

     Parker's M4D Vane Motors are high efficiency motors with displacements rangings from 3.97 to 8.81 cubic inches per revolution. These motors feature interchangeable rotating groups, have wide speed ranges, and are designed especially for severe duty applications. Search Lifco Hydraulics M4D stock below:




Unit#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
034-59843-0M4D BELLEVILLE :B-MOD2 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-03209-0M4D1023N00B102 MOTOR1 In StockPlease Contact Us
014-97813-0M4D 102 3N00 B101 1 In StockPlease Contact Us
024-03231-0M4D 062 1N 00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
M4D1 062 1N00B1-02 Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-26246-0M4D1-088-1N00-B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
M4D 138 3N00 A502M4D MOTOROut Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03212-0M4D 128 3N00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-44055-0M4D1383N00B101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03217-0M4D 088 3N 00B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03210-0M4D 113 1N00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03224-0M4D-113-3N00B102 MOTOROut Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03211-0M4D 128 1N00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03213-0M4D 138 1N00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
024-03214-0M4D 062 3N00 B102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


M4D-062 M4D-074 M4D-088 M4D-102 M4D-113 M4D-128 M4D-138
Theoretical Displacement: (in/rev) 3.97 4.69 5.56 6.44 7.12 8.08 8.81
Torque T: (in.lbf/PSI) 0.63 0.75 0.88 0.96 1.13 1.28 1.40
Power: at 100 Rev/min (HP/100 PSI) 0.102 0.120 0.139 0.166 0.185 0.203 0.222
Torque T: 2000 RPM / 2500 PSI (in.lbf) 1460.0 1770.0 2088.5 2336.3 2655.0 3009.0 3292.0
Power P: 2000 RPM / 2500 PSI (HP) 46.4 56.2 66.2 74.1 84.2 95.5 104.5
Weight: (lbs) 59.5 59.5 59.5 59.5 59.5 59.5 59.5
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034-59843-0 M4D BELLEVILLE :B-MOD

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Common Units:

  • M4D 062 1N00 B102 (024-03231-0)
  • M4D 088 3N00 B102 (024-03217-0)
  • M4D 128 1N00 B102 (024-03211-0)

3-D Drawings:

M4D Vane Motor Image
M4D Shaft 3
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Application: M4D Vane Motor

     There is no better way to power a posthole auger than with a hydraulic motor. They maintain a near constant speed regardless of load. Their direction of rotation is reversible, their speed is controllable and they can be stalled against an immovable load without damage. So, when a customer presented his posthole auger project, with a requirement of 200 RPM and 1,800 foot pounds torque; a Parker M4D-102 and a 10:1 planetary gear reducer was proposed. This motor made for a powerful, yet small package (70 horsepower in a size no bigger than an 8” cube) and its SAE “C” standard 2 bolt mount and an optional SAE “C” 14 tooth splined male shaft, made coupling up to a gearbox simple. This machine is now equipped for many years of trouble free boring.