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M4C Vane Motors

     Parker's M4C Vane Motors are high efficiency motors with displacements rangings from 1.49 to 4.89 cubic inches per revolution. These motors feature interchangeable rotating groups, have wide speed ranges, and are designed especially for severe duty applications. Search Lifco Hydraulics M4C stock below:




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014-41924-0M4C1 043 3N02 A1023 In StockPlease Contact Us
014-41827-0M4C1 043 1N 01 A1021 In StockPlease Contact Us
M4C 031 1N00 A102 (014-27079-0)M4C 031 1N00 A102 (014-27079-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
M4C 043 3N02 A102014-41920-0Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27087-0M4C1 031 1N00 A101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27090-0M4C1 043 3N00 A101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-41506-0M4C 075 3N00 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27084-0M4C 055 3N00 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-41834-0M4C 031 2N00 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27071-0M4C 031 1N00 A101Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-41900-0M4C 055 2N02 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27083-0M4C 055 1N00 A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
M4C 055 3N02 A102 (014-41921-0)M4C 055 3N02 A102 (014-41921-0)Out Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-27086-0M4C0673N00A102 MOTOROut Of StockPlease Contact Us
014-41836-0M4C0552N00A102Out Of StockPlease Contact Us


M4C-024 M4C-027 M4C-031 M4C-043 M4C-055 M4C-067 M4C-075
Theoretical Displacement: (in/rev) 1.49 1.72 2.11 2.84 3.59 4.34 4.89
Torque T: (in.lbf/PSI) 0.24 0.28 0.33 0.45 0.57 0.69 0.78
Power: at 100 Rev/min (HP/100 PSI) 0.037 0.043 0.054 0.072 0.091 0.111 0.120
Torque T: 2000 RPM/2500 PSI (in.lbf) 535.4 619.5 768.0 1062.0 1318.6 1504.5 1752.2
Power P: 2000 RPM/2500 PSI (HP) 17.0 19.7 24.1 33.6 41.8 47.7 55.6
Weight: (lbs) 34 34 34 34 34 34 34
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014-41924-0 M4C1 043 3N02 A102

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Common Units:

  • M4C 024 1N00 A102 (014-45094-0)
  • M4C 043 1N00 A102 (014-27081-0)
  • M4C1 043 1N01 A102 (014-41827-0)
  • M4C1 043 3N02 A102 (014-41924-0)

3-D Drawings:

M4C Motor 3D Drawings
M4C SAE Threaded Rear Ports
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Application: M4C Vane Motor

     Small pavement rollers are a natural place to apply hydraulic drives. The high starting torque efficiency of vane type motors makes them especially applicable in these propulsion drives. There high starting torque efficiency allows the motor to start under high load without pressure overshoots, jerks or high instantaneous horsepower loads. Vane motors may be stopped or reversed repeatedly and rapidly, driving or braking the roller at controlled torque levels and speeds. When a manufacturer of these rollers first ventured into the use of hydraulic drives, he was unsure of the torque that would be required. Parkers M4C hydraulic vane motors were very accommodating. Their rotating groups may be easily replaced to change displacement to suit altered requirements for speed or torque. There are seven different displacements available, from 1.49 to 4.89 cubic inch per revolution all in the same physical housing about the size of a 7” cube. This same size motor with different displacement cartridges can cover a range from 20 to 55 horsepower; handy for a manufacturer of various size machines.