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R4 Pressure Control Valves R4V Series

     R4 series pressure control valves feature a high performance design capable of accommodating pressure up to 350 bar (5000 PSI) and a flow capacity ranging from 90 l/min to 600 l/min. R4 valves feature standardized mounting and are available in a wide selection of mounting options. Search Lifco Hydraulics R4 valve stock below:




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R4V065311009G0QA1026-36245-H6 In StockPlease Contact Us
S16-08152-5R4V** 003 10 A5 HEAD3 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V0351310A1016-85034-03 In Stock$520.00
R4V065A310A1146026-52880-03 In StockPlease Contact Us
026-53461-HR4V105A31011GOQA1253 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V0353510A1016-841142 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V0653110A1016-84137-02 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V105B310A1026-62372-02 In StockPlease Contact Us
S16-08151-0R4V** 001 10 A1 HEAD2 In StockPlease Contact Us
S16-08153-0R4V** 005 10 A1 HEAD2 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V0654310A1026-57859-02 In Stock$614.90
S16-08152-0R4V-003-10-A1 PILOT HEAD2 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V065A910A1016-95576-02 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V105A310A1016-85279-02 In StockPlease Contact Us
R4V0651310A1016-85325-01 In Stock$819.00


Part#(Click item for more)DescriptionStockPrice(USD)
036-86450-0VALVE SEAT R4V/R5V/R5P 350 BAR SEAT6 In StockPlease Contact Us
036-86448-0VALVE SEAT R4V/R5V/R5P 105 BAR SEAT5 In StockPlease Contact Us
036-12288-0R4V 1, 3, 5, PRESSURE CONE2 In StockPlease Contact Us
036-86447-0VALVE SEAT R4V/R5V/R5P 50 BAR SEAT2 In Stock$50.00
036-86449-0VALVE SEAT R4V/R5V/R5P 210 BAR SEAT2 In StockPlease Contact Us


Type of Unit: Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Pilot Operated Unloading Valve Pilot Operated Sequence Valve Pressure Reducer Valve
Port Sizes: 3/8', 3/4', 1 1/4' nominal 3/8', 3/4', 1 1/4' nominal 3/8', 3/4', 1 1/4' nominal 3/8', 3/4', 1 1/4' nominal
Direction of Flow: A->B A->B A->B B->A
Ambient Temperature Range: (°C) -20 to +60 -20 to +60 -20 to +60 -20 to +60
Fluid Temperature Range: (°C) -18 to +80 -18 to +80 -18 to +80 -18 to +80
Pressure Setting Range (bar): Min: 7
Max: 350 bar
Min: Flow Dependent
Max: 350 bar
Min: Flow Dependent
Max: 350 bar
Min: 4
Max: 350 bar
Nominal Flow: R4V03: 60 l/min
R4V06: 200 l/min
R4V10: 450 l/min
R4U03: 60 l/min
R4U06: 200 l/min
R4U10: 450 l/min
R4S03: 60 l/min
R4S06: 200 l/min
R4S10: 450 l/min
R4R03:60 l/min
Max Flow: R4V03: 90 l/min
R4V06: 300 l/min
R4V10: 600 l/min
R4U03: 90 l/min
R4U06: 300 l/min
R4U10: 600 l/min
R4S03: 90 l/min
R4S06: 300 l/min
R4S10: 600 l/min
R4R03 90l/min
R4R06 300l/min
R4R10 600l/min
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R4V065311009G0QA1 026-36245-H

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Common Units:

  • R4V0353510A1 (016-84114-0)
  • R4V0653110A1 (016-84137-0)
  • R4V1053910A1 (016-91871-0)
  • R4U**00110A1 (S26-98700-0)

3-D Drawings:

R4R10 Valve 3D Drawing
Denison R4R10 Pressure Control Valves
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Application: Denison R4 Pressure Control Valves

     Anyone looking for reliable, capable and accurate, pilot operated pressure control valves; need look no farther than Parker’s R4 series. Available for use as R4V relief, R4U unloading, R4S sequence or R4R reducing functions, they are rated up to 5,000 PSI maximum and can handle flows up to 160 GPM (this is more than 150 horsepower). As a relief valve it will safely limit the maximum pressure a hydraulic circuit can reach. The unloading valve is used to sense the pressure in another part of a hydraulic circuit and vent a pump’s flow to tank when it is not needed – this is a great energy saver when used in conjunction with another pump (high/low system) or with an accumulator. Sequence valves are used to control the operational order that functions within a hydraulic system must execute in. The R5R reducing valve, limits the pressure to any one hydraulic circuit, ensuring the force exerted by its actuators do not exceed any specific level. Each type of R4 valve has three sizes; 3/8” (16 GPM), ¾” (53 GPM) and 1-1/4” (120 GPM), to suit your flow rate requirements. Any of these R4 valves come with one of three adjustable pressure levels (2,000 PSI, 3,000 PSI or 5,000 PSI), to make sure that they cannot be inadvertently adjusted too high. These pressure adjustments can be made with any of three devices; a hand knob & jam nut, an acorn nut & lead seal or a hand knob & key lock. Parker has designed these valves with removable pilot sections; in this way a solenoid valve (Parker’s VV01) or an electronic proportional pilot (Parker’s 4VP01) can be sandwiched between this pilot and the main valve body. The VV01 is used to electrically vent the R4 valve pilot and the 4VP01 is used to control the actual pressure level of the R4 valve remotely. To make this valve series even more flexible, they can be purchased as a cartridge, a manifold or a line mounted version. Cartridges can be inserted into your own manifold design, the manifold mounted version is made to international standards for mounting onto subplates or manifolds and the line mounted units are for incorporating into the hydraulic system pipe work.